Pattern Making & Sampling

"Pattern makers are garment sculptors, as they give volume to sketches. Textile du Maine's pattern makers have a great deal of sensibility in interpreting the sketches of fashion designers. From the very first prototype, the sketch is well interpreted. Textile du Maine has pattern makers who truly understand the sensitivities of the various fashion houses with which we have collaborated together. They have developed hundreds of designs for me. Their pattern makers have an innate sensitivity to sketches." - Testimonial of a Ready-to-Wear Development Manager in a Parisian fashion house

Design, Pattern Making and Prototyping

Translating design sketches into volumes requires a great deal of sensitivity, in fact, a different kind of sensitivity for each fashion house! Our pattern makers are “garment sculptors.” They are experts in translating sketches into toiles and patterns for the most demanding of fashion houses. Given the endless creativity of our designer clients, adaptability is essential, and we’ve got the guts and the means for that!


The ultimate goal of the design and development phase – which includes exchanges with the creator – is to bring to life the spirit of the original design sketch through the patterns and prototypes.

Sampling for Collections and Photo Shoots

Our specialized team of sample makers work with technical specification sheets (put together by our own design office or by our clients) and produce samples in a variety of sizes, colors and fabrics for fashion shows and showrooms. Final samples are made for photo shoots and for individual buyers, from individual items to small batches.