Premium Production

In Search of Perfection

At every stage of production, our goal is perfection. Everything is thought through in detail so that each garment is the most beautiful possible. Our skilled seamstresses take to heart elegance and refinement, as well as efficiency. We seek to master production costs without losing sight of quality, and constantly ask ourselves: “How can we make this garment as beautiful and as quickly as possible?” The very best techniques are used throughout the production process. Of course, we adapt our cutting, shaping, assembly and finishing techniques to every different fabric we touch. All the tools and supplies used – from the needles to the thread to the machines from our diverse fleet of machines – are chosen with great care.

From Normalization to Industrialization

During the normalization phase, we adapt the garment for ready-to-wear, doing the grading (adapting for different sizes) and verifying the execution with prototypes. We are the service of our clients and adapt these steps to their specific requirements.

Quality Control and Shaping

At Textile du Maine, we do quality control throughout the production process (not just at the end). The “fitting” or “shaping” of a dress, for example, is tested throughout each phase of production. A garment can be quality-controlled up to five times.


Our production process is so rigorous that production pieces come out more beautiful than the initial prototype (that was done with much more time).