Workshop Machinery

In order to meet the varied and ever-evolving needs of our clients, we modernize and complete our stock of machines on a regular basis. Our high-tech machines allow us to work with a wide range of fabrics and to implement our special expertise. Of fleet of machines is, of course, maintained to perfection.


In addition, ever concerned with the preservation and transmission of traditional methods of couture, we have a stock of old-style machines, which we also expand as necessary, in order to produce old stitch points. In fact, stitch point research is one of Textile du Maine’s specialties.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of our machinery and related stitches

Fabric Preparation and Cutting Machinery

  • BULLMER automatic digital cutting machine
  • Decatising machine, wide web thermofusing machine
  • Laminating – adhesive seams
  • Laser cut-outs

Flat machines

  • State-of-the-art sewing machines (JUKI full digital, BROTHER Nexio)
  • Simple, double and triple feed machines
  • With puller
  • Pucker machine with compound feed
  • Clipping machine


  • Micro-overstitching
  • 4-thread with single and double feed
  • 5-thread with puller
  • Pucker machine with 4 or 5 threads
  • Laminette placing and inlay
  • Bourdon stitches
  • Spaghetti stitches
  • Tuck in chain stitches

Coverstitch/coverlock machines

  • 2 or 3 needles with coating top and bottom
  • Small diameter bowl for tucks in tubing
  • Puller for elastic topstitching
  • Collar sewing machines with large variety of guides
  • Stitch shrinking
  • Flat-seamer
  • Putting in edging

Special Machines

  • Ultrasound cutting and seaming (nucleus)
  • Saddle stitches
  • Ladder stitches
  • Double-needle
  • Cup strapping
  • Zigzag (with two programmable special stitches)
  • Blind stitches
  • Inlay placement
  • Putting in transfer

Finishing machines

  • Mid-production and end-production ironing stations
  • Finishing station suction/blowing ironing boards
  • Buttonholing and button-placing machines
  • Thermofusing machines
  • Casting off tacking stitch
  • Putting in pneumatic loading