A La Carte Services

“The word, ‘impossible,’ does not exist for Textile du Maine” Ready-to-Wear Production Manager for a Parisian Fashion House

Professional Guidance and Technical Support

For every incoming client request, we set out to find the ideal combination of services to best meet their needs. We provide a wide variety of technical counsel (assembly techniques, finishing, etc.) as needed by our clients. Our flexibility and effectiveness are the result of our extensive experience in all phases of garment manufacturing, from pattern making and sampling to production.


Textile du Maine also provides a stitch point research service.

We work in close partnership with our clients to ensure that each project is perfectly executed. Whenever additional skill sets are required to meet their needs, we reach out to our network of expert partners to complement our work.


More than anything else, what counts for us is to render service to our clients… and to always do so with a sunny disposition.

From Pattern Making to Production Services

One of Textile du Maine’s great strengths is to bring together in one workshop a Pattern Making and Sampling Department and a Production Unit. Our broad range of skills and experience allows us to provide services à la carte, based on the needs of each client.