Our Team

The garments that we produce are the result of a long tradition of refined expertise. Our highly qualified artisans and technicians are skilled in mixing advanced technology with traditional “savoir-faire.” They are passionate about their work, constantly seeking to perfect their methods and skills for the sake of producing garments of the highest calibre! They are rightfully enthralled with the creativity of the designers who are our customers.

Work on a toile
Machine work

While our objective as an industrial workshop is to reduce costs and delivery times, there are certain tasks which cannot be mechanized. Directly inherited from the techniques of haute couture, certain operations are done entirely by hand. At Textile du Maine, we are proud to have highly skilled seamstresses for this work.

Multidisciplinarity is absolutely critical to the success of Textile du Maine.

Textile du Maine is a human-sized company with 50 employees:

  • 40 work in the production workshop
  • 10 are in the design, pattern making and prototyping department

Multidisciplinarity is absolutely critical to the success of Textile du Maine. Our diverse set of specialties and the variety of our clients’ collections require multiple skills and great flexibility. Three years of internal training are needed, even for the most qualified of new arrivals, in order to develop the multidisciplinary skills required for our complex production processes.


We are lucky to have exceptionally talented women and men who carry on our traditions and hold true to our values over many years. Some of them were part of our group of pioneers and have been with the company for more than 30 years. Their passion for beauty has been ever-present … and their “golden fingers” are a great source of pride for us!