Strategic Partners

Networks and Complementarity

Textile du Maine has never been isolated; it was built with an ideal of mutual aid.


In order to better serve our clients, it is for us essential to work with other artisans and tradesmen, as well as educational institutions and trade organizations. Our technical partners are highly qualified artisans in their own right, whose skills are complementary to our own. In many cases, we co-conceive and co-direct projects with our partners to ensure the best result possible.


Textile du Maine, as well as these partners and a large panoply of skilled manufacturers have also come together in professional networks which seek to preserve and protect French quality and traditional know-how. The initiatives that we have taken through these groupings of mutual aid enable us to better meet our clients’ needs. These networks include the following:

The label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) is given by the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance in order to honor French businesses with both artisan know-how and industrial excellence.

Mode Grand Ouest is a network of garment manufacturers in Western France, the heart of French garment manufacturing. It is the largest fashion trade association in the country.

The Réseau du Bellay is a trade association based in Anjou, in the center of the Loire Valley, which brings together a broad spectrum of highly qualified artisans with unique skill sets.

Savoir pour faire is a French national recruiting campaign for the premium garment manufacturing industry.

Textile du Maine has been working with multiple networks since its creation in order to promote the preservation of traditional French craftsmanship and culture.

The Transmission of Traditional Expertise

In order to preserve traditional expertise and foster innovation, it is essential to go beyond the world of professional specialists, and promote educational programs for future generations. Since its foundation, Textile du Maine has developed strong relationships with a variety of school programs. For example, young people can participate in work-study programs sponsored by the company. Through Mode Grand Ouest, the company has also worked toward the creation of a new professional training program and diploma, the CAML. In addition, Sylvie Challoux, Co-Director of Textile du Maine and President of Mode Grand Ouest, participates actively in teacher training programs.


Here are a few of our strategic partners:

Technical Partners (embroidery, silkscreen printing, pleated garments, leather, …)

French Fashion Accessory Manufacturers

Educational Sector Partners