A Passion for the Trade

In business for more than 35 years, Textile du Maine is a human-sized company specialized in the manufacturing of high-end women’s garments. The workshop employs 50 people and is expanding.


We are impassioned by our trade. The use of age-old craftsmanship and innovative techniques to produce high-fashion clothing is a matter of great pride to us.

There are many advantages to working Textile du Maine:

  • Our machinery is modern and the workstations comfortable.
  • The workshop is air-conditioned.
  • The work environment is warm and founded on confidence.
  • The leadership team is committed to ensuring the comfort and well-being of employees.
  • The intention of management is to be cognizant of everybody’s skills and needs so that everyone finds their place.
  • There’s a warmth and cordiality between all generations, from the most seasoned to the newest seamstresses and technicians.
  • Knowledge is generously shared.
  • On-going job-training is an integral part of the organization, with the underlying goal being to preserve and transmit know-how and expertise.

One of the great particularities of the workshop is that the size and composition of the teams change all the time! They change clients’ needs and the size of the batches; the organization adapts itself to the on-going orders. In addition, multidisciplinarity plays a very important role within Textile du Maine. Each individual is trained to develop a large panoply of skills, making the work more interesting for them, thus also making the workshop as a whole more adaptable. The interchangeability of the workstations and roles are a source of enrichment and diversity. It makes for an environment of constant learning.

A Selection of Employee Testimonials

"What I like is the constant search for perfection."

- Emmanuelle (Model Maker) – 14 years' seniority
"The positive environment is very motivating."

- Mégane (Pattern Maker) – 6 months' seniority
“A very rewarding trade, especially when
you see the results in fashion shows and on stars.”

- Maryline (Quality Control and Logistics Manager) –
– 21 years' seniority
“It’s a wonderful trade;
it’s like magic to start with some fabric and
to work on creating forms which give birth to a garment.”

- Amélie (seamstress) - 2 ½ years' seniority
“A beautiful trade with a great diversity in work tasks …
I’m impassioned by the fabrics, by the materials…”

- Fabienne (Team Leader) – 30 years' seniority
“There is a lot of mutual aid.”

“You never do the same thing."

- Béatrice (Seamstress) – 33 years' seniority
“I am certain that the love that you put into your work
will be felt by the person who wears the garment.”

- Laetitia (Seamstress) – 5 months' seniority
“In order to do this trade,
you need to have great respect for the fabrics.”

- Georgina (Ironing and Finishing Technician)
– 7 ½ years' seniority
“Every gesture I make is a constant search for quality and beauty …
cutting techniques must produce what is the most beautiful.”

- Christelle (Cutting Technician) – 7 years' seniority

Vidéo Testimonial

Georgina, an ironing and finishing technician from Textile du Maine, presents her trade (in French), thanks to the national French premium garment manufacturing industry recruitment campaign, Savoir pour faire …