Premium Garment Manufacturer

Textile du Maine is situated in the heart of Anjou, in the French Loire Valley, where high-fashion clothing has long been manufactured.  With the most renowned fashion houses as clients, our workshop carries on the tradition of legendary French know-how. We bring to life the dreams of exceptional artists, the designers whose unbounded creativity pushes us to defy the laws of physics! With dexterity and audacity, our teams of highly qualified experts bring together traditional expertise and leading-edge technology. In 2014, Textile du Maine became one of the first in the region to be classified as an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, a label given by the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance to honor French businesses with both artisan know-how and industrial excellence.

Textile du Maine is a human-sized company specialized in high-end ready-to-wear women’s clothng. We work with a wide range of fabrics, including natural materials such as cotton, precious silk and leather, as well as synthetic materials. Our specialties include “flou” and “grand flou” (referring to a broad range of dressmaking skills with delicate fabrics and draping), as well as cut-and-sewn jersey, fine lingerie, lace, and read-to-wear leather. In addition, we have great skill in making clothes which combine these various materials.

Given the complexity of the clothing we produce, we focus on small and medium-scale production. We do not have the ambition to engage in large-scale production, as we prefer quality over quantity. Our clothes are destined for high-end fashion houses and designers. In addition, we have a dedicated team responsible for sampling lines for all purposes – from single samples to small batch series. We produce seventy-five garments of the finest quality every day.


A major strength of the workshop is our ability to provide both product development and production services, while remaining a human-sized and flexible organization. Our design and pattern making department is specialized in working with designer sketches to develop patterns and technical specifications. The inter-connectivity of these diverse skills explains the irreproachable quality of our production.


The workshop is 35 years-old and continues to grow…