Our Specialties

Our principal expertise is with the following fabrics and types of clothing:

  • “Flou” and “Grand Flou” which refer to a broad range of dressmaking skills with delicate fabrics (crepe, silk, muslin, satin, …) requiring a mastery of complex pattern cutting techniques, draping techniques, the shaping of pleats, as well as the ability to work with embroidery and sequins.
  • Cut-and-Sewn Jersey, which requires a mastery of stretch material.
  • Fine Lingerie (bras, bustier, corsets, panties,…) which requires a mastery of corsetry.
  • Lace, for which one must master complex pattern cutting and inlay techniques.
  • Ready-to-Wear Leather Clothing which necessitates a mastery of animal hide and skin-cutting techniques (cowhide, sheepskin, python skin), as well as gluing techniques.

… and, in addition …

  • Mixed-material Garments

We have developed great expertise in manufacturing clothes made out of any combination of the above materials, hybrid creations which require a high level of technical skills.