Our Values

In order to better meet the needs of creators, Textile du Maine has innovated by bringing together traditional expertise and leading-edge technology. This marriage of tradition and modernity relies on the virtuosity of their highly qualified teams.


With the conviction that all is inter-connected, Textile du Maine puts human concerns at the heart of their business philosophy. A warm and harmonious environment is necessary for talents to thrive. Goodwill, dialogue, respect, and the recognition of skills and accomplishments are essential.

We work in partnership with our clients whose creativity is unbounded, pushing us to perpetually innovate.


Our main objective is to allow designers to materialize their dreams! With this determination, we treasure the relationships of mutual trust that we have with the most prestigious fashion houses and independent designers. We have developed a great capacity to find technical solutions to the most complex design and manufacturing problems. By constantly renewing our practices, we put creativity at the center of our operations. As passion and rigor are central to our work, we control quality at every stage of the manufacturing process … no detail is left out! The love of beauty is what motivates us … beauty is our priority and our pride.

Our main objective is to allow designers to materialize their dreams!

Fashion industry cycles are often turbulent, and this has taught us humility and patience! In all circumstances, we have been up to the challenge, meeting and exceeding expectations. The making of artistic creations takes time, but we have integrated this necessity into our production processes, and have a strict respect of delivery dates. Client satisfaction is our number one priority.


It is for all of these reasons that Textile du Maine actively participates in the transmission and preservation of these exceptional standards of quality.