Stitch Point Research

Stitch point research is an important vocation for Textile du Maine. In addition to manufacturing the finest of garments, we have the ambition to preserve traditional know-how. Certain stitch points and sewing techniques have been lost over the years. Our ever-creative designer clients sometimes come across old stitches whose techniques have been forgotten and which they would like to bring back to life. Our sophisticated and passionate team puts everything in place in order to reproduce these stitch points.

It is through a vast panoply of technical experiences that we have learned how to adapt stitch points to diverse fabrics, and also how to pick out which machines to use to produce these points. We also have our own library of exceptional stitch points which we are constantly renewing.


In addition, our extensive fleet of machines – both new and old – enables us to produce these exceptional stitch points.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of special stitches and stitch machines that we master

Assembly Stitch Points

  • Lock stitches (simple, double, triple feed depending on material)
  • Chain stitches for flexibility
  • Oversewing stitches for jersey
  • Lace inlays


  • Hand stitches, picot stitches, cavalier stitches, and ladder stitches for fantasy stitching
  • Zigzag stitches for lingerie and other garments

Finishing Stitches

  • Micro overstitching for linings
  • Edge binding machines for braids
  • Blind stitches
  • Collar sewing machines for neckline stitches
  • Coverstitch/coverlock machines for special hems and seams
  • Laminette positioning for swimsuits
  • Satin stitches for lightness