Research & development services

Our design office develop patterns that require creativity and technicality:

  • Interpretation of your style drawings (volume, drape,,,)
  • Proposals of finishings adapted to technical or stretch fabrics
  • 4 LECTRA V7 expert stations

Our book of stitches will illustrate to you the variety of our material:

  • Lock stitch (simple, double, triple feed depending on your materials)
  • Chain stitch for suppleness
  • Whipping for jersey
  • Micro overstitching for your linings
  • Insertion of laminette for your swimming costumes
  • Edge binding machine for your piping
  • Inlays for your lace
  • Collar sewing machines for your necklines
  • Covering stick machine for your tucks
  • Blind stitches for your luggage
  • Zigzag for the lingerie spirit
  • Bourdons for the lightness
  • Hand stitch, picot stitch, cavalier stitch, ladder stitch for your fancy stitching